#Speakers101: Speakers Share Their Own Event Best Practices

Third in a series:

Part 1: Recruiting Great Speakers For Your Event
Part 2: 
Speaker Diversity: What Not To Do
Part 4:
Speaker Prep Checklist

For the latest entry in the #Speakers101 series, I talked to professionals in a number of industries from around the country to share their best and worst experiences as a speaker. I wanted to hear directly from people who sit on stages about what they need to feel successful, and the answers were illuminating, useful and a tad shocking (like don't forget to say thank you!). I spoke to CEOs, motivational speakers and startup founders, and even across roles and backgrounds, many of them had similar experiences: poor communication about logistics, lack of detail about the audience, or confusing expectations. 

Luckily the feedback was not all bad—several mentioned having excellent engagement in the planning process for their talks that made a difference, along with having access to information that gave them the freedom to focus on their talk, not other logistics or other details.